Phatthalung | Spellbinding Sunrises guaranteed

At Sri Pak Pra Boutique resort in Phatthalung, the night was short. The food in the evening before was delicious, and the beers plentiful while my Thai friend and I enjoyed Thai country music played in the restaurant. Then the fresh cool breeze kept the tropical heat away. However, no matter how short the night might have been, if you don’t wake up to the morning call, you will deeply regret it. That was already clear from the photos exhibited in the hotel. For sure, those were photos that pulled out the ambition to be a National Geographic photographer in all of us.

Pattalung, Tale Noi
The reward for waking up early.
Fishing Talee Noi
Waiting for the sun
Goodmorning Pattalung
Another day is here

– Whoooa!

The sunrise here is just stunning!

Before sunrise, longtail boats equipped with oversized engines making a soft noise that breaks the dawning calm glides out to meet the sun, stopping nearby the giant tarantula looking fishing nets. Then, anglers manage the traps mounted on a wooden frame. Local Thai people call the construction yo. Finally, fishers dip the nets into the water and raise them to catch fish.

After the blessing of a stunning sunrise, we continued to see the farmers lead their buffalos out in the water. The last memories from the lake were the admiring blooming water lilies and how we tried to spot waterbirds in the narrow canals.

Another view of Talee Noi
New years morning of 2018
On Talee Noi

It is situated by Tale Noi, a wetland area approximately 20 km inland from the east coast peninsula of the Gulf of Thailand. This is a non-hunting ground and a waterfowl area adored by ornithologists. There are two sections of the hotel Sri Pak Pra boutique resort. In addition, the pool is in the new section and the other hosts the lake view restaurant.

Bike in Talee Noi
Borrow for free
View Tale Noi
Room in Tale Noi
Pool at resort Tale Noi
A pool with a view

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