Kad Farang Food Delight Market

Kad Farang wine connection

I love Kad Farang market on an early Saturday evening. A kad is a market in the Northern Thai language. Farang is a western foreigner, deriving from the word of farangsait, originally from French people visiting the kingdom of Ayutthaya, it is believed. But enough about this topic.

Western,Thai and Japanese variety of food and snacks

There is just so much to eat here, and if it gets too hot, you can have a craft beer at the beer both the entrance of the market or sip some wine and enjoy the sunset at Wine Connection. Prefer no alcohol; sneak into one of the most beautiful Starbucks in Thailand. The traditional Thai house where Starbucks is located was initially an antique and handicraft dealer.

Late Saturday afternoon at Kad Farang

Kad Farang Village was initially intended as a somewhat upscale version of the handicraft village of Ban Tawai, but it never worked out. Everyone knew where to find the same products at a lower price anyway. Today you will get foreign food imports at Rim Ping supermarket, a large food court and a handful of restaurants. Just behind Macdonalds, there is a “little Europe” with outlets from all kinds of brands.

But the Night market in Kad Farang is fabulous. Let’s have a look.

Beer station
Kebab 60 baht!
Northern Thai curry with a hint of Burma, Gaeng Hangley.
Veggies for all
and avocados
Herbal grilled pork and sticky rice
Even survived the wheatgrass!
Inside Starbucks
Delicious Takoyaki
and more…
Not a food truck, but a barber truck.

If you want to do some shopping, you will find plenty of bargains at the outlets in the area. It is like an own world right there behind McDonald’s.

There is no lack of markets in Chiang Mai for sure. When you go shopping in Chiang Mai, there is food, and when you go eating in Chiang Mai, there will be shopping.

To put it quickly, if you plan to visit some of Chiang Mais outlets, do it the same days as there is a Foodmarket at Kad Farang. Win-win!

Recently the market has been open also on Mondays and Sundays but with fewer vendors. Another nice market area is the More Space market in Nimmanhemin, read more here.

Starbucks Kad Farang in Hang Dong

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