Pa Chor | Chiang Mai’s Grand Canyon

Chiang Mais Grand Canyon

The pillars and canyon of Pa Chor occurred after the Ping River changed its course millions of years ago. First, the shift created a hill, and after time passed, the mountain eroded and changed into cliffs and pillars of soil. This is part of the Mae Wang national park, and it is a pleasant “walk in the park”. The route is about 900 meters. Anyway, it will take you through some scenic spots and end up with a panorama of Pa Chor canyon. You have to walk some steps and stairs though so the walk is not suited for everyone. However, there could be some problems for older people with walking issues.

Consequently, Pa Chor is probably best to visit as a stopover on your way to Doi Inthanon or as part of visiting Mae Wang national park. It is a scenic spot, but the area is relatively small and does expect quite a lot of Thai tourists during the high season from November to February.

Pa Chor the Grand Canyon of Chiang Mai
Grand Canyon or Petra, no it is the wall of Pa Chor just outside Chiang Mai
Pa Chor sand formations
Some mysterious shapes of the pillars.

Practical information if you go to Pa Chor

The entrance fee for foreigners is 100 baht. When we were there, there was only a coffee shop and some snacks sold, so don’t expect to get a full meal at the site. Bring water and good walking shoes and keep yourself protected from the sun. It is, as usual, beneficial to start a bit early when you go sightseeing in Thailand. The light is better for taking pictures, and the heat is not overwhelming.

Here is the google address link to this mini Grand Canyon.

Don’t mix this Grand Canyon with the vast water and entertainment park Grand Canyon Water Park. They are two separate places.

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