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In our family, we have a special love for Khao Lak. We have enjoyed the long walkable beaches with all those incredible sunsets since the pre-tsunami times. It did take some time from the tsunami 2004 until we came back again though not so much out of fear of a new tsunami, more of a coincidence. But once we were back, we just kept coming, just like in the old days.

From Chiang Mai, it is very convenient to fly to Phuket. Less than two hours, and then it is just a 1.30 to 2 hours drive to Phang Nga province and the paradise of Khao Lak. We prefer the more quiet laid back atmosphere compared to the more intense Phuket. (Well, talking pre-Covid Phuket).

The Calm of Khao Lak

But when you have passed over the 660 meters long Sarasin bridge that separates Phuket from Phang Nga, it feels like you are entering a slower and more peaceful world. Up to what you like, of course, but for us, the winner is the more tranquil and classy Khao Lak area. Khao Laks name comes from the top of a mountain, basically the Lak mountain.

Basically, it was just a tiny village and a rubber farming community when some Thai people started up some bungalow business in 1986.

I personally always loved the lush and the green and the fact that Khao Laks resorts are embedded in this environment, and they don’t interfere. The owners of the hotels in Khao Lak almost seem to have some consensus (again pre-pandemic) as to not allowing big, low-cost group tour agencies to push them around regarding the prices.

Even though you see groups in hotels in Khao Lak, no company or nationality has ever been too dominant on a particular resort we have stayed in. Sun chairs are rarely directly on the open beach; you will find them in the shade directly connected to the beach. They can be pretty close to one another, but you still don’t get that feeling while walking the long beaches

Khao Lak is also perfect if you don’t fancy boat transfers. The transfer from Phuket Airport is a scenic transfer apart from the first part; you might spend in heavy traffic on Phuket island.

There is also a possibility to reach Khao Lak from Krabi. So you don’t have to feel restricted to Phuket Airport. Krabi airport is expanding at the moment. The transfer from Krabi will take you 2,5 to 3 hours, counting traffic.

Khao Laks beaches

  • Khao Lak Beach
  • Bang Niang Beach
  • Khuk Kak Beach
  • Natai Beach
  • Nan Tong
  • Pakarang Beach
  • Pakweeb Beach
  • Thai Muang Beach
  • White Beach

I will not claim that the choices below are the best resorts in Khao Lak. But we have great experience in the family from the four resorts listed below.

Eden Beach Resort Khao Lak

Very new hotel. Bali meets Santorini kind of style. Stylish with Feng Suei installations, bamboo and straw roofs. Perfect pool and a lovely stretch of beach. Just outside the hotel, there are a few restaurants and shops. A short car ride from the hotel, you find the “Loud Burp” restaurant offering some of the best seafood in the area. The restaurant has seatings for dinner. Popular among the local crowd. A bit strangely named Isarn Seafood restaurant is very close to Eden.

The food in Eden is decent, and the breakfast is ok. Maybe it is richer during non-pandemic times. However, the breakfast room is relatively small.

What is impressive is the bakery at Eden; both the cakes and the presentation is something to write home about. One of the owners bakes herself, so it is an excellent homemade touch. Loved their Macadamia cake. Just one h 15 minutes to Phuket Airport.

Kalima Resort & Villas Khao Lak

Another impressive and modern Khao Lak resort. Very close to Eden. Kalima has more than one pool area and lots of different activity areas; you can borrow a kayak and paddle into the mangroves and close to the elephant nature park. You can see the majestic animals coming down for their morning baths—a very kid-friendly resort with almost an all-inclusive touch.

The beach is ok, but a little less impressive than the other hotels mentioned here. We enjoyed the restaurants very much, but the breakfast had a feel of quantity before quality. The hotel is also close to Phuket Airport.

Khao Lak Laguna Resort

Mega sized and classic installation in Phuket and Khao Lak, this hotel is very close to Khao Lak downtown. Easy just to walk there. The hotel has a lot of sunbeams, a nice pool.

Great Thai decorations and some birdlife in the area. If there is anything to complain about, it will be the size of it all. But again, a luxury dilemma, older people can find the walk to and from the lobby quite challenging—some heavy stairs on the way. The hotel has a fantastic breakfast in a fanciful breakfast room.

Manathai Khao Lak

We have been to Manathai three times. When the kids were younger, Manathai had many great offers for kids. We could sleep in one room, all four of us. No need to book two rooms. They also had free ice cream for kids every day, and if adults ate in the hotel restaurants, the kids could get free meals. They also have a very friendly club for children.

Manathai is a 4-star hotel but we ith a 5-star hotel service. Great pool, great beach, and many choices for breakfast. The hotel is far from Khao Lak and a longer drive from Phuket Airport. We honestly didn’t leave the hotel much. There were two restaurants very close to the hotel on the beach. I hope they will reopen after Covid.

I haven’t stayed at JW Marriott, but it is top class, according to our friends that go there often. Many families choose Sand’s hotel because they have built a waterpark within their hotel area. It is nowadays a play-land for kids. Personally, I have never been disappointed anywhere in Khao Lak. But that is maybe just because I love the area so much. But on the whole, hotels here are top-notch.

Excursions from the hotels

Excursions you can make from Khao Lak, Ko Khao Kao, Surin, Similan and Tachai islands. In April 2021, the charge to go to Similan Islands was about 1800 baht per person. Or why not go over to Takua Pa for a great food experience. Famous for Dim Sum and authentic Chinese food. This is an amiable old mining town and once a harbour.

Read more here about a beautiful Dim Sum brunch at Takua Pa.

Don’t miss the chance to visit the wonderful Khao Sok Nationalpark with its stunning scenery at the Chaew Lan lake. Read more here: Khao Sok and Chaew Lan lake.

There are also excursions to learn Thai cooking and visit Elephant Conservation camps. Again a bit unclear what the situation will look like post – covid.

Hotels in Khao Lak have been offering unique promotions during the pandemic. Eden Hotel is as low as 1200 baht per night for a standard room. Eden hotel has been selling vouchers on their website during the pandemic.

A friend of mine stayed at Marriot for 3500 baht per night, inclusive of breakfast. So as long as the pandemic is here, there are definitely discounts.

Sunsets are exceptional in Khao Lak. To quote Angela Abraham, “The sunset comes as a settled heart to the horizon, as if the sky itself could speak of love”. Angela Abraham@descriptionari

Some restaurants to try in Khao Lak

The loud, noisy, big Burp restaurant. Excellent local seafood place In Khao Lak often fills up with the local crowd. See the link here.

For fair European, or rather more Scandinavian food Viking was always the place. The restaurant always included Swedish style pizza salad to all main dishes. The last time we were in Khao Lak, the restaurant seemed to be closed, though. (I will advise you to do an update via Google Maps).

E-Sarn Seafood next to Eden Resort was surprisingly good.

Be Friend restaurant just outside Manathai used to be the local favourite. Tables and chairs in the sand. Great sunsets. Hard to say if they are still there due to the pandemic. But just a 5-10 minutes walk to the right from Manathai.

Most of the time, we have ended up eating in the hotels, or just a short walk on the beach, you might find a great local restaurant.

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