Short Trips From Chiang Mai | Five suggestions

If you want to get out from the hustle and bustle and also get closer to nature, or just explore a bit as a change from city life in Chiang Mai. To begin with, below are five ideas for short trips from Chiang Mai that are normally just around two hours drive from Chiang Mai, and that are suitable for staying over the night. Click on the blue coloured links in the list for more details about each place.

Links to five short trips from Chiang Mai

Mae Kampong

Main street in Mae Kampong,
Popular Main Street in Mae Kampong with small eateries and coffee shops.

Mae Kampong, embedded in greenery on steep and narrow mountain roads. This little village introduces itself as a fairytale. Then working hard on preservation and in addition filled with nice cafes and Bed and Breakfasts. Extremely popular among the Thai crowd during the colder months of the year, an Instagram – hotspot.

Mae Klang Luang

Mae Klang rice fields
Green and turning yellow in early October

Once covered in mountain forests and in more recent history the slopes have been turned into rice fields by the hill tribes. Not exactly Ubud or Longji but still scenic. Mae Klang Luang is easily accessible from Chiang Mai by car, it is on the way when you drive to the top of Thailands highest mountain Doi Inthanon. Stay at a local homestay relax your eyes on the rice paddies and do some local hiking.

The Rabaeng Treehouse

Treehouse resort of Rabaeng in the teak forest
Stay high up in the trees or closer to the ground

Also explore the Rabaeng Treehouse located by a small stream surrounded by teak forests, not far from carst stone caves, red dunes, the sticky waterfall and the Mae Ngat dam. Plenty of things to explore, the colourful Wat Ban Den temple is also nearby and well worth a visit. But if you just want to relax, you can very much enjoy this place by itself. Absolutely an unique accommodation in Northern Thailand.

Chiang Dao

Inside the cave in Chiang Dao
One part of the cave system in Chiang Dao.

With a few cosy resorts, nice panoramic views of the Doi Luang Mountain, hiking opportunities and caves to explore, Chiang Dao is a nice getaway for a night or a good starting point for a scenic drive over the foothills of Himalaya to Chiang Rai.

Ob Khan National Park

Camping grounds in Ob Khan nationalpark

Lastly, head towards Mae Wang or Doi Inthanon. Here you find a relaxed small canyon with a small river beach and cool and freshwater. There is in fact a free entrance, and then also some hiking chances, as well as the possibility to camp for a night.

There are other recommendations for short trips from Chiang Mai if you scroll through the archives of the blog.

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