The Coffee Train Express – and the delightful garden at the Royal Train Garden Resort.

For years I have passed this steam locomotive while driving up the mountain to Samoeng. I don’t know why I never went in to have a look. Every time I feel astonished to see that impressive, giant, iron steam engine placed on a piece of the railway here in the mountains. The Royal Train Garden Resort is far from any real rail connection.

Now it is a pretend train, just like the little Thai girl said inside the cafe. But her grandfather added it is an absolute train but modified to be a restaurant. From the sign of the passenger car, you can choose if you are travelling from Bangkok to Chiang Mai or from Bangkok to Hat Yai. Maybe in the days of covid, we need that kind of fantasy to restrict ourselves from actual travelling. Sitting in a cafe sipping coffee or ice tea and imagining we are on our way.

Passenger car at the Royal Train Garden Resort
Inside the passenger car

A garden of orchids and a pond of water lilies

I was just surprised by how much more there was to it. After enjoying coffee on the train, we took a quick stroll through the fern and orchid garden. Then we went out on the small pond to enjoy views of the water lilies and green rice paddies. The coffee shop is part of a resort. Walking down to the restaurant by the pond, it’s clear that it also has tremendous terrain views.

This is so close to our house so I wouldn’t dream of booking a night to stay here. Therefore I can’t speak about the accommodation. Anyway, it is nice to drop by for some hours. It’s tranquil and has some great photo spots; it’s a place of high ambition to attract people to shoot those perfect photos for Social Media. A very instagramable place.

While you are up here, why not take a look at the remarkable White Pagoda, still under construction but a future sightseeing highlight in Chiang Mai.

You locate The Royal Train Garden Resort on Google Maps here.