5 Best Phuket Sandbox Experiences

I spent two weeks on Thailands largest and most famous paradise island. I had so many experiences and got to know the island a lot better than before. And still, I found that there was enough time for just doing nothing as well as doing some work and blogging. Below you will find a list of what I considered to be my 5 best Phuket Sandbox experiences.

What is memorable and not has also something to do with what days had the best weather. Have a look and feel free to click the links to go more into depth for the different places.

1. Sunsetting on Kamala Beach

Located on Phuket’s West Coast this area offers some of the most stunning scenery. Not a surprise that you also find some of the islands most expensive residences on this stretch. The so-called Millionaire Mile. The beach itself has quite a few restaurants and some hotels with direct beach access. Lucky that I was with the weather I enjoyed walks along the casuarina and coconut palm-covered beach while experiencing some of the most dramatic and spectacular sunsets that I have ever seen.

When I was done with the walking it was a pure pleasure to indulge in some good food at a restaurant overlooking the beach. Kamala was quite active and alive so it is indeed a great remembrance.

A very memorable experience, the sunset at Kamala Beach.

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2. Enjoying the local food scene in Kalim Bay

Not the best beach for a swim but still pleasant enough to be next to. My Sha+ hotel Andamantra was located here. I fell in love with the area for the wonderful local food available. Every night motor carried food stalls parked by the water, some even sat up some chairs and tables. At the Patong Bazaar, you could also find super cheap local food. Phuket style dim sum breakfast/brunches were available and at Sea Salt by the Sea and L’arom you could spoil yourself with top-quality international food. I do think that Kalim is a bit overlooked. To me, it was the perfect base to explore Phuket Island.

Kalim Bay has a beach but is better for surfers

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3. Exploring the Heritage of Phuket Town

Strangely enough still a bit underrated. A visit to Phuket Town is a must to understand where the richness in Phuket originally came from. The tin boom of South East Asia. Only in most recent modern times has tourism become the source of wealth on the island. Phuket old town is crammed with glamorous Sino-Portuguese shophouses, elegant bank buildings, boutique accommodations, coffee shops and some of the best food you can find on the island.

The reimagining of the Old Town’s heritage sites exemplifies the constantly evolving blend of cultures that makes Phuket such a tremendous and interconnected island. It can feel a bit kitschy and overworked at times. But it is hard not to like it.

Soi Romanee in Phuket ton
The nowadays very cute Soi Romanee.

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4. Daily long walks on Patong Beach

Another of the 5 best Phuket sandbox experiences is walking on Patong Beach. It is very close to Kalim bay. And the morning walks in the crescent-shaped bay with the waves rolling in as a quiet thunder every morning was like balm to the soul. At the moment you can see the original beauty of this beach and why it became the most popular place on the whole island. The tourism development started in 1980. Patong means the forest filled with banana plants. But those days are long gone.

In the town of Patong life was uneventful, but there were some restaurants open. The big shopping malls like Jung Ceylon and Central were closed though. Gradually, things will open up.

Patong Beach in August 2021

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5. Going to South Phuket – A Roadtrip to Nai Harn and Rawai

Driving along the west coast there are winding roads excellent viewpoints, classy beaches and excellent eateries and cafes. Touching the east coast I also enjoyed some of the best sushi I ever had in Thailand in Rawai. Nai Harn and Rawai were also open to business. No sense of being at some ghost districts. Promthep Cape was quieter. This is not a bad thing. If you are waiting to experience that extraordinary sunset in solitude, now is the time to avoid the crowds.

Another great viewpoint is the Karon viewpoint overlooking the Andaman as well as three of the famous west coast beaches.

Rawai beach
Boats at Rawai

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The 5 best Phuket Sandbox experiences only give you a hint of everything that Phuket has to offer. There are over 40 beaches and so many opportunities to snorkel, dive or go fishing f.i.

Some unusual experiences would be to go and see rum production in Chalong, or drive up to the Mining Museum to learn more about how Phuket initially earned its wealth.

Finally, Phuket is the biggest island, the second smallest province but also the richest province. So there are many fascinating aspects of this island roughly the size of Singapore. Local Phuket firms on Phuket are now pitching for an earlier complete opening. According to Bangkok Post many business owner wants to see a full opening by 1st of December. The Sandbox program is simply not enough to survive according to them.

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