Chiang Mai River Beach | A very unusual Thai beach

Nowadays, Chiang Mai is just a two hour direct flight to Phuket or Krabi and you can be on the beach. But it is not entirely true that we don’t have any beaches in Chiang Mai. Since February this year there is a place called Chiang Mai river beach. On Google maps they claim to be a coffee shop but there is more to it.

Sign of Chiang Mai beach
Unusual coffee shop

The Mae Nam Ping(river) is not that inviting to swim in but there are sun chairs and sand and toys for the kids to play in the sand. As usual it is also an Instagram hotspot where you can take a selfie with flowers or chill in a swing shaped like the moon.

By the river

There is also a bar with light dishes, coffee, and drinks.

The bar at the Chiang Mai River Beach.
The bar. Pretty much self service unusually enough. You order and pick up your drink at the bar.
The beach playground
Flowers at Chiang Mai city beach
Say it flowers. Instagram spot.
The Location of Chiang Mai River Beach here
Telephone: 099 246 3522
Facebook : ChiangMai River Beachอนแก้ว อ.แม่ริม
Opening hours : 10.00 – 23.30 น.

Please not when you drive that the Google location is not 100% accurate there is a sign though that will directly you the way.

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