Mango with sticky rice is trending like never before in Thailand

Mango with sticky rice

Hot weather. Songkran and Happy New Year. Time to eat Mango with sticky rice. Then, in addition to the tradition, something just happened. A rising star, a Thai rapper, named Milli, started to eat mango with sticky rice during her concert in Coachella in the USA. After making specific points with some critiques about old trains and corruption, she suddenly started having a meal with the famous mango and sticky rice dessert. The message was – let’s not forget the good parts of Thailand.

Currently, Social Media floods with people showing photos or videos of themselves eating the. The Swedish ambassador in Bangkok even replaced his Swedish “Fika” with it. See the video here, which gives it a 9 out of 10.

Moreover, mango sticky rice trends on Google. Thai influencers all around the nation are seen eating mango with sticky rice. It would be interesting to see some national statistics on mango sales with sticky rice today.

Milli is, according to Wikipedia, a 19-year-old singer that just recently started her success story.

Danupha Khanatheerakul (Thai: ดนุภา คณาธีรกุล; RTGSdanupha khanathirakun, born 13 November 2002), better known by her stage name, Milli, is a Thai female rapper and singer. She rose to prominence nationally with her debut single “Phak Kon” (พักก่อน),[1] which was released in February 2020. It was followed by another successful single “Sud Pang” (สุดปัง) later in the year. In April 2022, she performed at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, becoming the first Thai artist to perform there.[2]

Lalisa of Black Pink pushing up the meatball sales

This is not the first time a Thai star has started a sales avalanche by naming their favourite food. Not too long ago, Lisa in South Korean girl band Black Pink declared her love for “Luk chin”, a kind of thai meatball on a stick dipped in spicy sauce. And her number one place to have it was the railway station in Buri Ram. Guess what happened to sales!!

Meatballs Buri Ram style.

Papaya and Babymetal

The Japanese Metal /J-Pop band Babymetal also referred to fruit in one of their hits when they had the Thai rapper F.Hero for a guest performance. The single “Pa Pa Ya” was released in June 2019. Thai people have a special relation to papaya; they love to make spicy papaya salad from it.

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