Woodstock Café & Bar Chiang Mai(วู๊ดสต๊อกคาเฟ่แอนด์บาร์) | Cheap beer and decent live bands

Woodstock bar interior

Woodstock Café & Bar Chiang Mai, I wouldn’t go here for a coffee, and the food is not much to write home about. Some dishes suit well with beer, but when I have been there, far from everything has been available. Easy and greasy pub bites Thai style is what you can expect.

With a name like Woodstock, there seems to be some absolute obligation to live up to tremendous music. This is a local music scene, but the bands playing have been surprisingly good. Just be prepared for that deafening decibel level that, for some reason, seems to be standard in South East Asia. Especially after 9- 10 pm. If you prefer to talk instead of only drinking, the small yard outside is preferable.

The bar in Woodstock Mae Hia, Chiang Mai
Bar and coffee.

I enjoy Woodstock Chiang Mai on a normal weekday with friends and early hours. Before 8 pm, they run beer buffet promotions. Buying three beers at a time will be cheaper than ordering the bottles one by one.

It says Woodstock on the wall. A kind of graffiti.
A bit of everything

There is a PG concept with pretty girls serving and promoting beers, and some loyal regulars are dropping in for this reason.

Cheap beer, decent music and a neatly decorated place are why I would go to Woodstock. Mae Hia market area is also close to home for me. So, it is convenient if you live around this area.

One thing I find a bit annoying is that after you have been to the toilet, the area where you clean your hands is not on the way out. You have to walk out and around the WC to clean yourself. It is not far. Just the psychology is wrong; that is not how you want to walk. It feels like they forgot about sinks and added them afterwards…

A collection of old suitcases.
A collection of old suit cases. Yes, why not?

The location of Woodstock Chiang Mai is here.

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