Koff &Things | Attractive and Chic by the Old City Wall

Koff&Things Japanese styled coffee shop

Koff & Things is a good coffee shop to look up when you need a well-deserved escape from strolling around in old town. Located just by the moat and Pratu Chiang Mai at the old city wall, the building itself is attractive. It consists of a modern take on a traditional Japanese wood structure that could just as easily be in Kanazawa or some other Japanese alp town. It has some slight resemblance to a traditional Japanese Okiya.

As for the coffee, it tastes good. Suppose you are the type that likes a bit stronger and highly aromatic coffee. Then this place is for you. The cakes were rather dull, in my mind; they looked better than they tasted. The cute mini doughnuts were something of a unique selling point, though.

Koff & Things also sells some berry candies; there is a small selection at the counter. Some of the choices spotted were Raspberry Candy Sweet berries and creamy white chocolate Gateway, Chocolate truffle and mixed berries and La Perla: Orange marmalade, ripe peach, green apple and honey.

It is the minimalist Japanese interior upstairs that attracts the Instagram crowd. Downstairs you will have to live with the sound from yet another impressive coffee machine. I like it here, but the amount of coffee you get for the buck is annoyingly tiny. And as for the cakes, I could easily manage without.

This coffeeshop seems challenging when you go by car. However they have a small parking space. Have a look at their Facebook page for more information.

On the Facebook page, you can also see their events and so-called “bar takeovers” by famous baristas and coffee makers.

Koff & Things is located here on Google maps.

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