Fernpresso | Best Place for Planespotting in Chiang Mai

Espresso and small danish style cookies

Fernpresso by the airport in Chiang Mai(there are some other Fernpresso’s) is an impressive little café with giant ferns hanging over the entrance. They have grown a lot since I was there the last time.

Fernpresso offers high-quality coffee and is nicely presented as well. There is a food menu and a selection of cakes. Not a lot of them, but what they have tastes good. I went for a banoffee with salted caramel; it worked perfectly with my black espresso.

We used to frequent this cafe a bit more years ago when my son paid a lot of interest to the aeroplanes landing and taking off. From some seats on the second floor, there is an excellent view of the start and landing ground.

I counted a plane every 10 minutes or so now, and still only domestic, but in the heyday, it used to be a lot also international flights. Gradually the situation will go back to normal. Still, if you want a coffee shop with a nice interior and want to do some Planespotting, this is your place. The location of the coffee shop is here.

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