Little Istanbul | A Taste of Turkey in Thailand

Little Istanbul used to be a small hole-in-the-wall type of restaurant; now, it has taken over the restaurant that used to be opposite what used to be the Royal Princess hotel in Chiang Mai. So it is in the middle of the night market on Chang Khlan road. This is not an area we frequent much in Chiang Mai, but on occasions, we go somewhere around there, and yesterday was one of those days.

To make a long story short. Little Istanbul is worth the money. The restaurant offers a wide selection of Turkish and Middle Eastern dishes. There are falafel options and nice lamb dishes as well as beef and chicken. They are also big on the roti and have good choices of these.

We didn’t have any of their Mexican options since we were all in for the Turkish food.

The lamb shish was a bit chewy, but the thinly sliced lamb was good, and now complaints about chicken or beef. What impressed me was the “Turkish pizza” beef pide. The pita bread was so fresh, and the mix of meat and cheese blended into perfection.

You do get a fair amount of meat for the money as well. So if any night you happen to be on the night market street and want a steady, delicious and inexpensive meal – Little Istanbul is definitely a good choice.

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