The Chidlom | Restaurant & Cafe — a nice Southern breeze by the Ping river

The Chidlom markets itself as a fresh breeze by the river, and it is. This restaurant focus on Southern Thai food, so it prepares your taste buds for explosions of chilli.

However, the restaurant also has a bar section with some real high-quality Scotch whisky options and decent selections of draft beer(even though few were available today).

Cosy bar
Not all available, but it will be the staff said.

In the morning, the place is open for coffee.

The Chidlom claims it has been open since 2020. But with this Industrial design and Southern food concept, I think it just recently opened. I guess there has been a change of owner.

The food at The Chidlom

The food presentation was good, with lots of choices and food you don’t usually find in Chiang Mai. As for the taste, we ordered curried crab meat with beetle leaves. It came with pinkish rice noodles. Tasty, spicy, maybe a bit too much sugar. But the rich amount of crab.

The same goes for the nam prick; really spicy but again a bit heavy on the sugar. We also enjoyed pork with turmeric. Very delicious!

Crab curry
Spicy dip
Pork party

All in all, The Chidlom is a refreshing breeze on the Chiang Mai restaurant map. A bit pricy but not overcharging considering the amount and how they target themselves. It would be even better if they cut down a bit on the sweetness, in my view. But we are all different.

I love the nearness to the riverside, and the sunset, seeing how the raintree cast darker and darker shadows on the Ping River.

Blue hour

Bands took turns to play, and it was enjoyable. Not loud and just acoustic.

Live music at The Chidlom

It might take some time, but yes, we will be back. This restaurant will benefit from the proximity of the Rati Lanna hotel when Chiang Mai kicks off again.

Decent amount of parking room.

The location of Chidlom Restaurant and Cafe is here.