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Dim Sum city of Thailand,Takua Pa

Welcome to Dim Sum heaven. The small old mining town of Takua Pu is a gastronomic paradise. Don't miss the dim sum brunches.

Chiang Mai is the coffee capital of Thailand. Good coffee is everywhere, but here are also som tips for themed, insta - hot-spot, coffeeshops. Try a cafe full of carp fish,...

Kad Farang wine connection

One of the nicest food night markets in Chiang Mai now operating more frequently. Try the Kad Farang market.

Chiang Mai is a hot-spot for dim sum lunches and the Sichuan ma - la trend continues. Still eating Chinese is a bit exclusive in Chiang Mai.

Despite smoky season there are reasons to love Chiang Mai in march. Mango and the start of the blooming of all yellow trees are some reasons.

Chiang Dao is the perfect short break from Chiang Mai or the starting point of a road trip over the mountains to Chiang Rai. Nothing much happens here, but it is...