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  • Rocket Festival of Yasothon

    Rocket Festival of Yasothon

    Once a year the city of Yasothon is put on the map for its famous rocket festival. Once the bamboo rockets were made by monks. Now there is a competition in the area for the best and strongest rockets. This event is going on in the countryside as well. The point is to get generous…

  • Lay’s Exotic Chips in Thailand

    Lay’s Exotic Chips in Thailand

    When in Thailand, why not try some local flavoured chips. The chips brands show a lot of innovativeness when it comes to tastes here.

  • Meet the Ghosts of Loei | Joyful festival in Dan Sai

    Meet the Ghosts of Loei | Joyful festival in Dan Sai

    Every year there is a spectacular festival in Isaan with people turning themselves into ghosts. The ghost festival is a highlight in the vicinity of Dan Sai in Loei province. If you are in Thailand during the rainy season. Don’t miss this festival.

  • And then the pandemic…..

    And then the pandemic…..

    The reasons for why I started writing and sharing travel tips online. When Covid 19 struck the travel industry I found myself with too much time. So a restart for me when it comes to blogging.