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Nowadays, Chiang Mai is just a two hour direct flight to Phuket or Krabi and you can be on the beach. But it is not entirely true that we don’t have any beaches in Chiang Mai. Since February this year there is a place called Chiang Mai river beach. On Google maps they claim to be a coffee shop but there is more to it. The Mae Nam Ping(river) is not that… Read More

News, Chiang Mai will open under a travel bubble program in October. It seems that the hopes are that visitors will enjoy beaches in Phuket firts then enjoy culture in the North.

Samoeng Loop or as it is often called Mae Sa Valley loop is a great outing if you want to get close to nature without having to check out from you hotel in Chiang Mai. It can be done as a half day tour or full day. Depending on how many stops you want to do.

the over 150 year old rain tree at Gym Khana Club Chiang Mai

Enter the oldest sports club in Chiang Mai. Stepping in to Gymkhana founded in 1898 is a time travel into a green oasis, well isolated by rain trees from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Skeleton at Into The Woods Cafe

Into the Woods coffee has a very talented owner, with many skills and she is really living out whatever love for fantasy and stories that she has with this cafe. It touches everything from design, what the menu looks like and the names of the drinks that you order. Not to mention the pastry. Go and have a look for yourself.

Walk into a retro environment and enjoy coffee in a passenger car connected to a steam engine. All situated in the mountain area of Samoeng. One of Chiang Mais good instagram – hotspots.

Surprisingly big and well-organised playground and park area in the vicinity of Doi Saket outside Chiang Mai. My daughter gave the playground the highest score.

Theresa Teng is arguably the most loved singer in Taiwan and China. There is a special connection to Chiang Mai since she would here for inspiration. But she also passed away here. Many people used to come and see her suite in The Imperial Mae Ping hotel.