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Walk into a retro environment and enjoy coffee in a passenger car connected to a steam engine. All situated in the mountain area of Samoeng. One of Chiang Mais good instagram – hotspots.

Surprisingly big and well-organised playground and park area in the vicinity of Doi Saket outside Chiang Mai. My daughter gave the playground the highest score.

Theresa Teng is arguably the most loved singer in Taiwan and China. There is a special connection to Chiang Mai since she would here for inspiration. But she also passed away here. Many people used to come and see her suite in The Imperial Mae Ping hotel.

Mon Cham. Only 40 kilometers to the east from Chiang Mai. A hill range famous for luxury camping in the clouds, party and hot pot dinners.

Chiang Mais Grand Canyon

Well it seems Chiang Mai need to have it all. So we even have our own Grand Canyon. A mini version at least. Travel to Mae Wang nationalpark.

Chiang Mai is a hot-spot for dim sum lunches and the Sichuan ma – la trend continues. Still eating Chinese is a bit exclusive in Chiang Mai.

A national park that is still free of charge, a small Canyon and a river with fresh cool water. Escape Chiang Mai for day and enjoy Ob khan’s River beach. It is also a good stop if you are heading towards Inthanon mountain or staying for sometime at Mae Wang nationalpark.

Despite smoky season there are reasons to love Chiang Mai in march. Mango and the start of the blooming of all yellow trees are some reasons.