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  • Tube Trek Water Park |Revisited

    Tube Trek Water Park |Revisited

    We haven’t been to Tube Trek Water Park since its grand opening a few years ago. Then it was claimed to be Chiang Mais’s only real waterpark. Now there are a few options. Read more about the other here. Tube Trek Water Park current promotion and rules Tube Trek Water Park still looks decent, even…

  • Chamcha @Doi Kham Café | Play and Eat

    Chamcha @Doi Kham Café | Play and Eat

    Nowadays there are so many nice restaurants and cafés with play areas in Chiang Mai. It is almost impossible to keep track of all of them. Chamcha fits the description also. Just recently we went there for a birthday party. Chamcha has upgraded their play area with a giant trampoline, and there is a section…