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On the winding mountain roads between Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, you encounter this pleasant little river town by the Maekok river. A good place to break for a few hours and enjoy some panorama views of the landscape.

Mon Cham. Only 40 kilometers to the east from Chiang Mai. A hill range famous for luxury camping in the clouds, party and hot pot dinners.

Phu Chi Fa offers the best views of the sea of mist in Thailand. See where to stay and enjoy pictures from this beautiful spot.

Are they floating in the skies? Well, it sounds kind of poetic and comes from a Thai description, Jedee Loy Fah (เจดีย์ลอยฟ้า) Floating or not, the pagodas are spectacular, spread out over mountaintops, and looking from a distance you get a feeling of a Chinese ink painting of a mysterious, imaginary landscape that feels kind of unreachable. However, it wasn’t. It took me a few years to get there, even it is less… Read More

Sakura in Chiang Mai!!? Really? Yes, it is happening but here as in Japan timing is important.