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Walk into a retro environment and enjoy coffee in a passenger car connected to a steam engine. All situated in the mountain area of Samoeng. One of Chiang Mais good instagram – hotspots.

Are they floating in the skies? Well, it sounds kind of poetic and comes from a Thai description, Jedee Loy Fah (เจดีย์ลอยฟ้า) Floating or not, the pagodas are spectacular, spread out over mountaintops. Looking from a distance you get a feeling of a Chinese ink painting. The kind of a mysterious, imaginary landscape that feels almost unreachable. The sky pagodas in Lampang are a must see in Northern Thailand. Still, it took me… Read More

A national park that is still free of charge, a small Canyon and a river with fresh cool water. Escape Chiang Mai for day and enjoy Ob khan’s River beach. It is also a good stop if you are heading towards Inthanon mountain or staying for sometime at Mae Wang nationalpark.

Chiang Dao is the perfect short break from Chiang Mai. It can also be the starting point of a road trip over the mountains to Chiang Rai. Nothing much happens here. However, it is a scenic spot to relax for a night or two with stunning views of the 2186 meter high Doi Luang Chiang Dao. The mountain itself is located 40 km south of the Myanmar border. The area is famous… Read More

The rice terraces in Mae Klang is a perfect city break from Chiang Mai. Make sure you travel during the wet/green season for the best views.