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Ban Thai Rak Thai has become a favourite destination among Thai travellers and Lee Wine Resort is where everyone wants to stay. Read more about our recent visit to this village of Chinese settlers.

Temple in Hang Dong Chiang Mai

When in Chiang Mai, it is obligatory to see at least some temples. Temples are the core of the ancient heritage and history of this historic capital of Northern Thailand. The new capital in the kingdom of a million rice fields. Here are some suggestions for you, some of the real highlights when it comes to temples in Chiang Mai.

Phayao, mountains and lake

Phayao is a kind of forgotten, of the beaten track town. It has a pleasant lake and nice mountain scenery. Enjoy local activities in the park at night.

Chiang Mais Grand Canyon

Well it seems Chiang Mai need to have it all. So we even have our own Grand Canyon. A mini version at least. Travel to Mae Wang nationalpark.

The reasons for why I started writing and sharing travel tips online. When Covid 19 struck the travel industry I found myself with too much time. So a restart for me when it comes to blogging.