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So close but so faraway. Krabis Koh Klang is gheographically near, but life on this car free island is slow. On of the best kept secrets in Krabi, and I have been there.

A visit to Doi Mae Salong, elevation 1367 meter above sea level, was part of last summers roadtrip over the mountains from Chiang Mai to Chiang Saen. Doi Mae Salong is to describe it shortly a community settled by the former Kuomintang nationalist forces, the 93rd Division who moved from Myanmar to reside on Thai territory in 1961. The Chinese settlers gradually became cultivators of tea, and now Mae Salong is also a tourist attraction… Read More

Every year there is a spectacular festival in Isaan with people turning themselves into ghosts. The ghost festival is a highlight in the vicinity of Dan Sai in Loei province. If you are in Thailand during the rainy season. Don’t miss this festival.

Sakura in Chiang Mai!!? Really? Yes, it is happening but here as in Japan timing is important.