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Aerial View of Damnoern Saduak floating market.

Thailand travel tips and personal experiences since I first arrived here in 1994.

Tidbit – A small and particularly interesting item of gossip or information

Oxford dic.

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Happy When it Rains but..

I’d love to recite The Jesus and Mary Chain on their classic, Happy when it rains but recently we had a wee just too much of it, that is the rain. The Ping river is expanding, we are seeing quite a few flooded zones of Chiang Mai and cracks start to appear in mountain roads, […]

The new food stall area near Ratchapreuk

There is a new food stall area near Ratchapreuk. Ratchapreuk is the Flora Expo area in Chiang Mai. I have been out of town for a while, when I left I was wondering what purpose all these white lottery- stands would fill. But, yes I guessed it was related to food. It turned out really […]

The TM 6 form

Suspension of the TM6 arrival/departure card

The suspension of the TM6 arrival/departure card to speed up arrival procedures and avoid congestion at the international airports in Thailand seem to work. I just arrived and was positively surprised that there was no long waiting time at Suvarnabhumi Airport to get through immigration. At first, I was not convinced I was on this […]

The Blog is still alive

I am just out of Thailand and exploring Europe for a while. In a few weeks I will be posting new Travel Tips about and from Thailand again. Take care for now and thanks for dropping in and reading! Per

Seasonings on a Thai table

Seasonings on a Thai table might cause some confusion. When you eat in a small eatery, you see these other condiments that will be on the table to spice up your life. They are there to release your tastebuds! Remember that in Thailand, you usually eat with a fork and a spoon, but when it […]

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