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Thailand Tidbits Blog

Thailand Tidbits from the blog, I blend stories from my travels with reflections about daily life. When it happens or when it pops up in my memory.

The Chidlom | Restaurant & Cafe — a nice Southern breeze by the Ping river

The Chidlom markets itself as a fresh breeze by the river, and it is. This restaurant focus on Southern Thai food, so it prepares your taste buds for explosions of chilli. However, the restaurant also has a bar section with some real high-quality Scotch whisky options and decent selections of draft beer(even though few were […]

The Reverie by Katathani and nostalgia from the Dusit years.

The Reverie by Katathani is not the most search-friendly combination of words when looking for a hotel. Not to pronounce for a non-Thai speaker either. But this is the relatively new name of what earlier was Dusit Island Resort on an island in the Mae Kok River in Chiang Rai. I have a long and […]

Little Istanbul | A Taste of Turkey in Thailand

Little Istanbul used to be a small hole-in-the-wall type of restaurant; now, it has taken over the restaurant that used to be opposite what used to be the Royal Princess hotel in Chiang Mai. So it is in the middle of the night market on Chang Khlan road. This is not an area we frequent […]

Stone oven at Amataros Pizzeria

Amataros Pizza | Simply the best sourdough pizza in Chiang Mai

Amataros pizza wasn’t the first choice we had when we drove out of the house yesterday. I was in the mood for something local and maybe a Mountain View of Doi Suthep. But then, out of compassion for my wife, that wasn’t in the mood to be eaten by mosquitoes, we changed. The Facebook Ad […]

Espresso and small danish style cookies

Fernpresso | Best Place for Planespotting in Chiang Mai

Fernpresso by the airport in Chiang Mai(there are some other Fernpresso’s) is an impressive little café with giant ferns hanging over the entrance. They have grown a lot since I was there the last time. Fernpresso offers high-quality coffee and is nicely presented as well. There is a food menu and a selection of cakes. […]

Koff&Things Japanese styled coffee shop

Koff &Things | Attractive and Chic by the Old City Wall

Koff & Things is a good coffee shop to look up when you need a well-deserved escape from strolling around in old town. Located just by the moat and Pratu Chiang Mai at the old city wall, the building itself is attractive. It consists of a modern take on a traditional Japanese wood structure that […]


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