Somtam Slider |Another 50 baht waterpark in Lamphun

Somtam Slider, yes can not really believe the name of the place but it is not a joke. That is what it is called.

I don’t know how many local water parks there are around Lamphun but have to say that this was better managed than The Sun that we went to during the pandemic.

The entrance to Somtam slider was 50 baht for kids and adults, and the waterpark was quite spacious with a vast pool area. About 5-6 slides, kind of basic ones but they felt safe enough.

Enough space and fun slides

Showers and a few toilets available. And a very nice menu with both Thai and Western dishes, even Sushi. Beer Leo for 50 baht but quite expensive Italian sodas for kids even though they were quite huge. 90 baht! Naturally, I had to try the papaya salad. The somtam! It was good.

Papaya salad
Very decent somtam

We easily spent 4 hours here. Keep expectations low, don’t expect Grand Canyon, but an inexpensive day out that could be equally fun.

There was also a small sandy beach section with all those Instagram opportunities for the locals.

Cheesy popcorn,

Different dept zones depend on your kid’s height, age and capability to swim.

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