Barefoot Cafe | Pasta as good as at home

The other week I dropped in at the new hyped pasta and pizza restaurang in the trendy small alley but Thapae rd jus off Warorot and the Night market. Whilst the night market at Chang Klan is still an echo of the 1980 and 1990 type of tourism, around the small alleys and Chang Moi is where it is getting trendy. Turning the old houses into cafes, small galleries, boutiques and restaurant. Barefoot Cafe or Barefoot Restaurant is located together with Thapae East, Empty Bowl and Yak Ka Jon Slow Cooked Fish to mention some other venues around there.

Barefoot cafe
The motto of Barefoot.

My sister in law recommended Barefoot Cafe, she told me that the pasta was super fresh. Normally I am not much for going out to have pasta, I usually think that I make it better myself. But I like this area, and I liked the look of the place.

Extensive menu at Barefoot Cafe

Once you sit down you are submitted to a very impressive menu that offers you numerous choices of what kind of pasta you want, with egg or no egg. How thick it should be.

The photographer that put together the photos on the menu did a smashing job. So, often in Thailand, you see diners take photos of food that doesn’t look good at all in the photo, and they can’t see how unappealing it is themselves.

At Barefoot Cafe, this is not the situation. To their disadvantage, I have to say that the images are so good that the real presentation can not live up to the pictures. A slight disappointment occurred because the photos were simply too good.

However, the food is fresh and nice. I especially liked their intentions for dishes, implementing a Northern Thai heritage into it the food as adequately focusing on freshness and organic food. Their mocktails were good too. When it comes to the pasta, it was fresh, and rich and lived up to the expectations. As usual, I had to add some more spice to it myself, but that is not unique to Barefoot. Too often pasta dishes have too few spices in it in my mind. But better less than too much, I guess.

On the minus side – no coffee

Another negative aspect was that there was no coffee. After a meal of pasta I normally crave a double espresso.

I would consider going back to try more food there, the pizzas seemed inviting too. However, it is hard to beat those sourdough pizzas at Amataros at the moment.

You can find Barefoot Cafe here on Google Maps.