Travelling with a Thai Pass from Jordan to Thailand

Just recently I went on assignment to Jordan. I am a Swedish citizen but I travelled to a country, not on the 60+ countries on the list that can go to Thailand with only 1 night/waiting for PCR test quarantine.

Now, I am in Bangkok for a 7-night “Sandbox” but the Thai Pass form was a bit challenging to fill in. Especially since it required details about the first vaccination as well as the second. I uploaded my EU vaccination pass on each question regarding the vaccine. I suppose that from the QR code, the whole vaccination history could be seen.

Anyhow, it took just three days to have the Thai Pass granted. At Amman airport, the staff from Qatar did ask for all the documents such as hotel booking, insurance and my flight ticket out of Thailand (something I don’t require since I have a VISA). According to the Thai Pass info, you don’t need to show those documents mentioned above. They are already required to get the Thai Pass. But ok I could find them in my mail history. It is mentioned in the remarks of the Thai Pass information that additional documents might be requested to be able to board the aircraft.

I got my PCR test in the hotel in Jordan. A good service that many hotels can arrange there.

Landing in Thailand was a similar experience in Bangkok to the one in Phuket. Everyone was seated on blue plastic chairs and documents were inspected. Most attention was given to Thai Pass and PCR tests. I asked about the Mor Chana app but they didn’t talk about it.

The rest of the passing through immigration and customs was smooth and I got my private transportation to Novotel Siam Square. Quick check-in and then up the room. 30 minutes later a nurse showed up to do a PCR in my nose. Still waiting for results. Said to take 7-12 hours.

Then I will stay for 7 nights and another PCR will be done 10 a.m the day before I travel domestically.

Newly renovated rooms in Novotel Siam Square.
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