Caramellow | A Croissant Lovers Heaven

What happens when you combine the trend with croissants in Chiang Mai and add the concept of all-day breakfast or brunch, which also seem to be hype. Well, you get Caramellow. New startups are often very creative with their names, but somehow, in this case, the title somewhat downgrades what they actually cook here.

Very spacious at the entrance in Caamellow
Nice and spacious inside

The menu is full of mouthwatering dishes, beautifully presented and even with a document telling Caramellow’s story.

Here you can choose from some fantastic fushioned ideas where Northern Thai cuisine meets Western food or simply some tremendous ideas for croissants. The options you can choose from are good enough, but still, you can make your own dream croissant as well.

Caramellow menu
So many options for how to make your favourite croissant

I honestly came to Caramellow for what I thought was an outstanding pastry and bakery selection. And yes, they have it, but the food impressed me as well. The presentation was also remarkable, even though the Piccolo latte decoration wasn’t flawless. I have seen better. But who cares, the food was delicious.

The location isn’t great though; it is easy to miss it and drive a bit too far. And sitting in the garden, the heavy traffic outside makes its presence noticed.

But the food was beyond expectations and the selection of beverages as well. I will be back… for sure and very soon. Caramellow qualifies for the list of the unique coffee places in town.

The garden in Caramellow
In the garden
Wall sign saying , reminder you are loved.
Always remember
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