Convent road | A street food Eldorado

I had my dinner at Convent road last night. A sideshow to the normally so busy Silom/Patpong area. I haven’t frequented Convent road for quite a while. But it was a pleasant surprise—different food stalls all over the street and some lovely wall art to frame the area.

Convent Road a brief history

Convent Road is the home to Christ Church and St Joseph’s Convent. It remains a significant area for Thailand’s Catholic community.

The street is flanked by tall leafy trees, a peaceful environment and religious facilities. Convent Road is an excellent place to roam if you wish to avoid the populace of Silom Road.

St Joseph’s Convent School was established in 1904 by Mere Saint-Xavier. The big and central Trinity Hall was constructed in 1987.

Streetfood and restaurants

There are also some nice restaurants in the surroundings like Eat Me named one of Asias 50 best restaurants, and I found Mash that served both burgers and calamaris and, more importantly, craft beer with great variety. The crowd was here was a mixed young expat and trendy youthful Thai clientiele.

Artino hotel

My reason for staying in Bangkok was another quarantine day with a PCR in the Test and Go system. I booked Artino’s hotel to avoid too high expenses. The hotel offered an excellent package also including a Swab and Go on the way from the airport.

Artino offered a contemporary, ample room in light, almost Scandinavian wood colours.

Clean and fresh. Worked perfect for one night in Bangkok. The location was 10+.

The bed was comfortable, and wifi worked well. It took 7 hours to get the result, and as usual, I ordered some Grab food and coffee while waiting for the outcome of the PCR test.

At 19.30, I was allowed out and headed directly to the street food area.

Incredibly stuffed after this portion

I immediately fell in love with the vendor cooking mixed seafood with Phad Thai and some basil flavour. The portion for 70 baht was enormous, though, so when I proceeded for the beer at Mash, I was so stuffed I found it challenging to finish the second beer. Nice diner, though.

Mash Craft beer choices.


So I decided to take another stroll to have the food sink down. Time to check the situation at Patong. This area has been a hotspot in Bangkok since 1968. At the time a handful of nightclubs existed in the area, and Patpong became a rest and recuperation stop for US military officers serving in the Vietnam War.

Patpong was the premier nightlife area in Bangkok for foreigners and was well-known for its sexually explicit shows. In the early-1990s, however, the owners, the Patpongpanich family, turned the sidewalks of Patpong 1 Road into a night market, renting out areas to street merchants.

First I walked through the gay entertainment area at Patpong soi 4, here most bars seemed open, and the soi was full of people having a good time.

Soi 4 was herded.

Walking through Patpong’s night market area was a dark and dystopian story, though. The occasional bar was open, such as King’s Castle. And I saw the usual older farang crowd frequent the lady bar Pink Panther.

Patpong night market is still not back in business.

Other than that, there were touts, as usual, suggesting other places to go. I must have looked lost as well. I just kept walking around the area.

Some of the regular massage ladies called out their menu in their usual loud voices, and blond Japanese gentlemen discussed, even more, deafening with each other at some Japanese only establishment.

Artino’s small rooftop pool and the 314 metres tall Maha Nakon skyscraper are in the background. The scyscraper was inaugurated in 2016.

Test and Go this time

Entering Thailand with the Test and Go was quite smooth. Going through the normal checks of documents and immigration took less than an hour. Waiting for transport took a while but nothing very bothering.

The Thai hospitality business is now pushing for a normalisation since restrictions have been eased in many European countries and neighbouring countries to Thailand start competing. From 1st of March the second PCR will be changed to an ATK and the compulsory second hotel night day 5 will be scrapped.

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