ATK-test upload to Mor Chana app day 5

According to the new Thai Pass/Test and Go regulations as of 1st of March, the ATK – test has to be uploaded on day 5 to the Mor Chana app. This turned out to be difficult.

My Sandbox and Test and Go history

I have now been through Sandbox 2 weeks in Phuket, Sandbox 1 week in Bangkok, Test and Go with hotel stays and PCR on days 1 and 5. Currently I do the program with a PCR test on day one followed by an Atk on day five. So to upload your ATK to the Mor Chana was not that easy.

First, it turned out that I had to cancel my old Mor Chana and download it again. It was connected to a previous Thai Pass. That was the easy part.

No function on Mor Chana

But once I had the new app installed, it had no functionality of uploading a test result. So I googled to see how other people solved the issue. It turned out that many people had the same problem. The easy solution is to send the result to the first hotel where you stay. Let the “first night” hotel upload the result.

Someone mentioned, however, that on the notification function of the application, there would be a link to where you upload the result. So far, I didn’t receive that link.

New rules from 1st of April

The new system from 1st of April means that no PCR is necessary before travelling however the obligatory hotel booking with PCR test on arrival remains.

It is obviously highly appreciated and saves money not having to do a test before departure. However, if you are caught with Covid on arrival, there will be a quarantine, of course. So in a sense having the difficulty before going is safer since you can cancel your holiday before if you test positive.

On April 1st Korea opens without quarantine, and Cambodia is open already, so the hospitality industry in Thailand is pushing for all these complicated rules to be abandoned.

That there will be changes gradually is sure. For the Thailand lovers, you will have to stay patient a bit longer and follow the updates. Rumours now indicate that the next move is to cancel PCR- testing on arrival and only conduct an ATK self-test. But NO official announcement for this as yet.

PR Thai Government on Facebook provides these updates on Covid rules and regulations.

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