Lumphini Park – The lungs of Bangkok

Lumpini Park

Lumphini Park is the green oasis area that any Metropolis needs, and for Bangkok residents, the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the vast city. The park takes its name from Buddha’s birthplace in Nepal.

The park is located by the Wireless, Sarasin and Ratchadamri roads and has many gates. Come in the morning, and you will have a mixed picture of Tai-Chi practitioners, people jogging and others walking. At dusk, there are aerobics, badminton, and walkers and joggers. There is also a basketball court.

Some people meet and greet or sit down by the lake enjoying a picnic. On Sundays, there might be some jazz or musical performances. The park sees 10 000 to 15 000 visitors per day, and some monitor lizards. Up until 2016, there might have been up to 400 of these impressive mini-dragons in the park. They are not dangerous but have gotten accustomed to being fed by visitors, so some caution needs to be taken.

Getting to Lumphini Park

During my recent stay in Artino hotel, I walked from Convent Road via Sala Daeng BTS station, the closest BTS station to the park. If you go by MRT, the stations closest to the park are the Lumphini or Silom stations.

Lumphini park Bangkok. People exercising.
People excercise in their own way
Bangkok skytrain seen from Lumphini.
A skytrain passing by
Lake in Lumphini park
The lake view

I like to stroll around and look at the Green Magpie coloured vegetation and, as usual with Bangkok or Krungthep Maha Nakorn, enjoy the contrasts of the tropical park with old trees and the skyscrapers surrounding it occasional Skytrain elegantly gliding by framed by high-rises.

Outside the park, there is a statue of Rama-VI, erected in 1942. This is in memorial to the founding of the park in 1925.

The park is open from 04.30 am until 9 pm daily.

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