Your trip to Thailand | Some advice before you go

For your trip to Thailand, some things are good to check up on before you go.

Many items and things you might not have packed can be bought on the spot but still, make sure you come well prepared.

  • Passport validity and visa. Make sure your passport is valid, and remember the six-month rule. Are you from a country that requires a visa? Or is your intended stay so long that a visa is required. See that you have a return ticket. There is an arrival card to fill in that you get on the flight. Passport, visa and accommodation details are required there.
  • Make sure you have a health and accident insurance. Thai health care is great but could be very costly if you are not insured.
  • Vaccinations, check what vaccinations you need before your trip. Also, update yourself on the most recent Covid rules and regulations.
  • It is always sensible to book the most important parts of your tour or trip in advance. To make sure you get whatever domestic connections you require as well as the accommodation you desire. It is perfect to have the first few nights booked, particularly if you fly into Bangkok.
  • Don’t rely 100% on your credit card. Many places do accept cards with an additional charge or not, but you will be in lots of situations where cash is required. Taxis Tuk Tuks do not accept cards. Use ATMs to get some money on arrival, but having a small amount of Thai Baht before arrival is also a good idea.
  • Do you have food allergies or preferences? See if you can get these written down in the Thai language to show when you order food. It will make things easier.
  • Thailand is hot and humid but make sure you bring clothes for different occasions. Spend the most time on the beach? Fine, but you might also see some temples, so consider Buddhist temple etiquette, and for dinners in restaurants that are not street food or beach restaurants, you dress up. No matter what you see or think. Thailand is a conservative country, and the dress code is essential; you will be treated accordingly. Then it is hot outside and cold inside. Airports, malls, and long-distance buses require extra clothes to keep up with the intense air conditioning. Do you have big shoes? Are you extremely tall? Clothes can be bought in Thailand, but no way to get all sizes.
  • Check if your Telecom provider offers a good deal for roaming in Thailand. Otherwise, you can buy a local Sim card at most airports upon arrival, which is practical. Wifi is widely available.
  • Make sure your medicine or whatever food you bring to Thailand is legal.
  • Think about what kind of trip you are going on. A lightweight suitcase that can easily be pulled is my first choice. But obviously not your choice if you are backpacking.
  • Read about customs and traditions before you go. Understanding the culture, history, and food to a certain extent makes you much better prepared. Culture shock or cultural mistakes could, of course, happen. But it is good to do some studies. Use forums, read blogs, and make sure to know about potential scams. Study about the role of the monarchy and also make sure you don’t misbehave. It is not ok to point with the sole of your feet towards people or Buddhas; in general, speaking loudly is also a no etc. etc. Learn a few Thai words just for fun.
  • Are you driving? Make sure you get an international driver’s license.
  • Be positive, and smile a lot. Thailand is a very welcoming country if you show respect and good manners. Thai people love humour, but not irony or sarcasm. It is also a very easy country to travel in.
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