Seasonings on a Thai table

Seasonings on a Thai table might cause some confusion. When you eat in a small eatery, you see these other condiments that will be on the table to spice up your life. They are there to release your tastebuds! Remember that in Thailand, you usually eat with a fork and a spoon, but when it comes to noodles and Khao soi(and Chinese food), there will be chopsticks.

Moreover, noodles of all types in Thailand are usually served with the staple set of seasonings known as “Puang Krueng Prung.”

Consisting of chilli vinegar, chilli flakes, sugar, and fish sauce, these spices enable eaters to flavour their bowls to their own liking.

If you happen to take too much chilli, you can add sugar and so on. But use these condiments carefully; your chef has already put a trademark on the dish.

If there is any confusion, don’t be afraid to ask your dining Thai neighbours, or the staff in the restaurant. People will be very eager to help. It is not so sure that anyone will interrupt if you do something strange though. They might be concerned about your “face”.

And try the food without the Thai seasonings on the table to see if you really need them or not.