Khanom | Sleepy Fishing town with some nice beaches

The small town with a name that sounds like snack or candy for a tone-deaf farang with bad pronunciation. Khanom is mostly famous for; some less populated beaches, maybe becoming a new Hua Hin, and safaris to see the threatened pink dolphins, kayaking mangroves or maybe visiting some caves.Furthermore, Khanom is a kind of transit point for Koh Samui, the island that probably opens this August.

The city is located in Nakorn Sri Thammarat province and 100 kilometres from the city with the same name as the province. And it’s around 70 km, or a one hours drive from Surat Thani.

Try the local coconut ice cream. This lady showed up at the beach.
Beach areas in Khanom
Shells on one of Khanoms rather empty beaches.

I have stayed overnight in Khanom on a few occasions at a few hotels but never more than one night at a time. It is pleasant to walk on these beaches, have some nice seafood at night, and also go downtown to see the fishing fleet and the fish market.

There are some long stay tourists in Khanom and the place is kind of waiting to happen. But there are already some long stay tourists here.

My favourite place to stay here is a small boutique hotel in town. It is called Le Pes Villas. With a clean and inviting swimming pool and an amazing traditional breakfast. So – not a beach location, but a short walk to where the fishing fleet is located.

Fishing boat from the nearby fleet

If you don’t want to overnight in Surat Thani or Nakorn Sri Thammarat. Khanom is a good choice and if you have even more time try to check out if you can see the pink dolphins. Probably the towns most famous attraction.

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