Koh Talu | Life is a beach on a secluded island

In July 2017, I had the pleasure to inspect this small island about 2,5 hours south of Hua Hin. With white-sand beaches and turquoise water, Koh Talu is your obvious choice if you are looking for an island relatively near the resort city of Hua Hin.

Short history of Koh Talu

The island is privately owned and well worth staying overnight. There is also an option to go for a day trip. The name of the island translates as “Pierced Island”. Tour operators often sell it as a sustainable island. The island owner broke the habit of destroying the coral reefs while fishing and is now working hard to transplant corals for conservation reasons.

According to the owners. Talu Island has been the gateway to the Gulf of Siam for hundreds of years. Cargo ships used the coast as a shelter during the monsoon season on the island’s south side. On the north side, there is the naturally eroded cliff called “Chong Talu”. That’s where the name comes from, Pierced Island. Two holes in the cliff.

Activities on Koh Talu Island

Sailing, snorkelling, squid-fishing and diving is available from the resort. There are diving points at Koh Ran Pet-Ran Kai islands in neighbouring Chumpon province.

If you are not up to water activities, cooking classes and massages are also available.

Koh Talu has two resorts, one in the Big Bay and the other smaller in Pearl Bay.

Speedboats from Ban Saphan
will take you to the island. The journey takes about 30 minutes.
Escaping the crowds at Koh Talu.
Palm trees. Koh Talu uses to be famous for its plantations
Plenty of “tree of life, coconut palm trees on the island. The island used to be owned by four families running a coconut plantation here.
Storm over Koh Talu in the rainy season
July, so there will be beautiful tropical rains.
Beach of Koh Talu island
The morning after the rain.
The scenery of Koh Talu, the love cliff.
In the afternoon you can go for a hike and then be rewarded with this view. The trek to the top of the so-called “Love cliff” is not long but quite steep and with plenty of vegetation.
Sea turtles in Koh Talu
Sea Turtle Conservation project. Staff from the Sea Turtles Protection Project, in the name of the Siam Marine Rehabilitation Foundation, come to take care of the eggs until they are hatched. There is also a coral conservation project on the island.
Restaurant in Koh Talu
Daytime and low season.

Very good tour arrangement from Hua Hin

If you are travelling south from Hua Hin, it is worth staying on Koh Talu for a night or two. If you don’t mind the drive from Hua Hin and have enough time on your holiday, it is also a solid case to take a break from Hua Hin on Koh Talu. The whole package arrangement if you buy it from an agency is perfectly executed. Minivan, wait a bit in a waiting hall, speedboat and arrival to the island. No hassles at all.

The Google map location for Koh Talu is here.