Chada | Another great eat and play restaurant in Chiang Mai.

Chada cafe sign

For Halloween, we were invited to Chada for a birthday party. Chada is another good eatery for parents while the children can play.

Play Area in Chada Cafe
Play area in Chada Cafe

There is a lot of open grass space to be creative and make up your games and strategically placed swings around the area.

Chada Cafe has a playground with a slider. The play area mainly caters to smaller kids, and there are opportunities to feed sheep and chickens.

The Thai food was very decent, and some people even had a hot pot. In the evenings there might be live music since there is a small stage.

On the minus side, they charged 200 baht to clean up after hitting a pinyada. Something we never encountered in Triplets, for instance.

Swings here and there
Sheep in the  Chada café.
What are you looking at?
Chada cafe when you enter
When you enter Chada it looks like this.

The parking is quite spacious. That is a good thing and a bit of an issue at other play areas.

Overall, Chada Cafe is a pleasant experience that can be advised. It stays open until 11.30 pm, so there is no rush to head home just because it gets dark.

Find Chada Cafe on Facebook here.

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