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Just recently I stayed for a week at Novotel in Siam Square. The hotel offered a great kind of “Sandbox” deal with 6 nights under 10 000 baht. In my early Bangkok days, I lived in Ratchatewi so it was a short walk to Siam Square, or just one Skytrain station away. Now I wanted to see and experience it all again. So I fell directly for Novotel’s offer. The hotel had renovated the rooms. There was also a delicious breakfast buffet. However, Novotel was a bit understaffed at the moment so somedays I had to remind them to clean the room three times. But all in all a nice experience.

From humble beginnings to brand malls

Chulalongkorn University

The first buildings at Siam Square were constructed in the late 1960s on land belonging to Chulalongkorn University. The purpose was to create rental income for the university. From a modest beginning when the district contained mostly ordinary shops, gradually the focus changed to more and more luxury stores. Then came the property hotel developers, nice dinners, and mega malls and so on. A fascinating construction of sky bridges connects several shopping centres to Siam Square. Now, this sky connection takes you the whole way to Chidlom. By the way, Chulalongkorn still owns the land. It is managed by the Chula Property.

Siam Square the trendiest area in Bangkok

To speak in Tokyo terms, Siam Square has a bit of Shibuya and Harajuku when it comes to young people strolling around. It is simply the trendiest shopping district in Bangkok. Here you find super-luxury malls that put it on equal footing with Ginza and Omotesando. Including the National Stadium area, there is also the galleria mall of MBK with its electronic and phone shops as well as the knock offs and clothes sections. In Siam Square, you get; huge digital tv screens, Madame Tussauds, small markets, a mega aquarium, Hard Rock Cafe, and luxury cinemas.

BTS skytrain stop at Siam Square
Siam is an important interchange station for the BTS skytrain.

Not to forget the local delight from the small Muslims quarters and the traditional house and museum of the legendary silk king, Jim Thomson. Moreover, you can enjoy some of the best luxury coffee shops and restaurants in Bangkok in the Paragon department store and Central World. Just try Harrods in Paragon or Pauls in Central World. If you like Starbucks you have a few choices. A popular option is Starbucks Siam Square One.

On the street level , you will find a nice hawkers centre and upgraded boat noodle shops selling wagyu beef side by side to delicious croissant bakeries and local spirit houses.

Then, of course, Siam Square is definitely where you go people watching. I love standing on the skywalk looking at the art installations and looking down at life. The sound of Asia spending and earning money, the crowds changing skytrains, the outdated red buses, the colourful taxis and the noisy Tuk Tuks.

Iconic bus line and bus in Bangkok

A photo journey into Siam Square

Below you will find photos from some of the stunning places of Siam Square. Siam is an interchange station for sky trains so it is easy to reach from anywhere.

The famous Thai artist Gongkan currently has some art installations in Central World.
Many outlets of Fire Tiger in Siam Square.
Popular Tea and dessert place in Siam.
Luxury café and lunch place in Central World Bangkok.
Paul is a favourite of mine in Central World. Comfortable seating and delicious pastry.
Zebras at a spirit house to appease the ghosts. One idea is that they protect pedestrians at zebra crossings. But in other peoples minds, they are just the most popular animal for that particular spirit living there.
Legendary MBK returning to life after suffering hard during the pandemic.
Croissants are really the hype in Thailand now.
Becoming more and more of a galleria but still home to Madame Tussauds.
Clothes for sale MBK.
Advertising in Siam Square
Ad on a large screen.
Chanel in Bangkok
All I want for Christmas?
Harrods in Siam Paragon
Harrods in Siam Paragon has extraordinary cakes.
Cakes in Paragon
Tempted to go in but already had some cake that day.
And Aoi serves good Sushi.
Sushi set in Aoi
Some variation to Thai food. Siam Paragon.
Spirit house and super heroes.
Pink Bangkok taxi.
Life is a pink taxi in Bangkok.
Eat with the locals in the food court.
Boat noodles for the upscale market.

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