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View Arun offers stunning views of Wat Aruns silhouette at sunset.

Siam Square is the place to be in Bangkok. This is where you get the puls and the energy of the capital. Shopping, culture, food, people watching. It is all there.

Huai Nam Dang is one of Thailands most beautiful national parks. Located over 1700 metres above sea level it rewards you with stunning views of the Doi Luang mountain and fresh cool air.

Recently I spent two weeks in the Phuket Sandbox, read about my most memorable experiences here.

Today, I sent a photo from Patong Beach to a friend. He thought it was a memory from Khao Lak. Indeed it looks different at the timebeing. When the weather is nice, a morning walk on this 3 kilometres beach is really great.

Phuket Town is mentally a world away from the beach life on Thailands most renowned and largest island. It should really be part of anyone’s visit to the island. Explore its heritage and exciting food scene.

Walk into a retro environment and enjoy coffee in a passenger car connected to a steam engine. All situated in the mountain area of Samoeng. One of Chiang Mais good instagram – hotspots.

Temple in Hang Dong Chiang Mai

When in Chiang Mai, it is obligatory to see at least some temples. Temples are the core of the ancient heritage and history of this historic capital of Northern Thailand. The new capital in the kingdom of a million rice fields. Here are some suggestions for you, some of the real highlights when it comes to temples in Chiang Mai.