Happy When it Rains but..

I’d love to recite The Jesus and Mary Chain on their classic, Happy when it rains but recently we had a wee just too much of it, that is the rain.

The Ping river is expanding, we are seeing quite a few flooded zones of Chiang Mai and cracks start to appear in mountain roads, parts of Chiang Mai’s old city wall collapsed just as one of the stupas in the silver temple Wat Sri Supan.

I haven’t seen the actual statistics for motorcycle accidents but almost every day I see major accidents on the road. One of the teachers of my kids, when they were younger, passed in a motorcycle accident.

Be careful out there, and please wear a helmet.

The recent rain has sometimes been so heavy that even I wake up at night. Normally my sleep just gets better with the rain. But the rain has been hammering on the roof.

Having said that this is the time of the year when it is supposed to rain. Here we prefer the term green season to rainy season. September and October are very agreeable, with cool and pleasant days. Days when you see the sun come to be somewhat unique and appreciated.

We reap many rainbows and a distinctive wet, moistened lustre on the plants and trees. And dramatic cloud formations decorate the sky.

My first visits in the region during rainy season

My first visits to South East Asia were during rainy seasons and I remember the movie scenes from the Vietnamese movie the Scent of Green papaya when the ladies in the film were standing outside cooking in a rainy and saturated environment.

My first year’s working in Thailand and living in Bangkok enjoyed the rainy season extra much. Less work, fewer travellers.

But again it is something about the rain, life-giver, the various shades of green, and the filled-up rice paddies. When the first rain showers appear after the hot season it is such a relief as well.

So, yeah I am happy when it rains. But right now a few days of sunshine would help. It would also calm down my mother in law who is frustrated that she can’t do her laundry!!

Well tonight we will head to Amataros Pizza. It has been a while since we had their great sourdough pizza. And if it rains there is a nice garden to rest the eyes on.

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