Kan Vela | For the Chocolate Lover in Chiang Mai

Kan Vela handcrafted chocolate is just a stone’s throw away from Nimmanhemin road. This award chocolate producer seems to be increasing in popularity. We figured Christmas Evening would be a great idea to go and get some delicious chocolate and we were not the only ones there. This is somewhat a chocolate haven in Chiang Mai and I love the beauty of their handcrafted pieces of chocolate. Just like small pieces of art. However, the taste still doesn’t reach that Swiss or Swedish level. Or maybe I am just conservative and used to what I grow up with?! When it comes to the fairly high price they charge my expectations might have been a bit too high for a company that is still experimenting and developing its products.

Blueberry and cookies and cream handcrafted chocolates at 45 baht a piece.
Kan Vela Chocolate bars
Description of a cocoa tree

Modern and nice edifice

Enter a Chiang Mai craft chocolate making premise.

The kids liked the place, and for Thai visitors, there are many opportunities to take photos with Christmas Trees and Santa. Chocolate does correlate with Christmas, doesn’t it? Just like Siamaya, the Danish run chocolate maker, they also make chocolate bars. I am amazed that we are seeing this “chocolate boom” in Chiang Mai now. Both of these chocolate makers put themselves at the higher end. And it is partly because the cacao is locally grown.

The drinks that my kids ordered weren’t that special, and a bit too sweet. However, that can be adjusted by asking for less sugar next time. Having said that my daughter kind of liked it. But my son was a bit critical. For myself, I got a rather watery ice coffee.

Kan Vela started as an online business and is now a bean-to-bar cafe. You can see the workshop through a glass window. Even though I found the price a bit steep for what you get, it is worth going there to make your own judgment. I do admire the effort and entrepreneurship. Finally, the place is modern and clean and greatly themed with a cacao plant and nice quotes and explanations of chocolate making on the walls.

Some products exhibited.
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