Forty-Nine Coffee House |Coffee with waterfall view at your local Shell station

Forty-Nine Coffee House just opened in a Shell Petrol Station here in Chiang Mai. I have always been fascinated by the facilities at gas stations in Thailand.

The most recent PTT station in our area has a Dental Clinic and a laundry shop, f. i.

Now you can charge you vehicle at Shell.

The Amazon coffee shops often do an excellent job with some greens and flower arrangements, but Forty-Nine Coffee House in Shell wins the prize any day.

The Coffee House is an oasis in the gas station surrounded by a soothering green and an artificial waterfall. Yes, you read it correctly. A waterfall!!

Waterfall at 49 - Coffee House in Chiang Mai.
This is my view right now.
When you drive in, you don’t realise a hidden treasure here. You see KFC, many local restaurants, Shell select and then a Boutique hotel. Weirdly enough, and next to the hotel is 49 Coffee House.
Decorations in Forty Nine Coffee House
Could serve as inspiration for Thai Airways.
Wall decorations 49 Coffee Shop
Coffee in process.
Cafe Latte in 49 Coffee House
A creamy latte 65 baht!
49 - Coffee House Chiang Mai
You would expect this kind of cafe in Nimmanhemin or in the old town. Not in a petrol station bordering Chiang Mai and Hang Dong.

The cold streak continues in Chiang Mai. It is maybe the most prolonged cold period I have ever encountered here.

We haven’t opened the air conditioner for two months. It is so hard that the security guards in our area sleep in and don’t do their morning rounds. They argue that there are ghosts in some street every morning. Amazing Thailand!

Thai Petrol stations are counting on spending more time in these places. Especially later when there is a place for charging your electric car, I guess.
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