Kuppu Gamu |Retro – Gaming Cafe in Chiang Mai

Kuppu Gamu has been around for roughly two months. It is a cute little Coffee shop located just a few minutes driver up the Samoeng Road.

The building looks pretty big from the road, but there is not so much space inside or outside. (Be careful when you turn the car to the parking)This is a retro gamer niched cafe. Step in and enter a world of 1990s games. On the shelves, there is a small but impressive historical collection of games and game consoles, joysticks and more. Some for sale it seems.

They have some zones where you can play also. There is no charge for playing, but naturally, you are expected to buy snacks or drinks.

No charge for playing.

The food and snacks at Kuppu Gamu

At Kuppu Gamu, I was especially impressed by their pastry and cakes. Not so many choices, but what they have is delicious. We quickly finished two of their cheesy French Fries. I wasn’t all that happy about their espresso, though. Very small for being Chiang Mai and with a sour taste to it.

From the menu
Yuzu cheesecake

The berry smoothies were yummy, though!

Kappu Gamu would fit into a day when you drive the Samoeng Loop. I could imagine that its outside area is excellent in the cold season. However, it is hardly the cafe you come and sit in for hours. It fits into a trend of specially themed restaurants in Chiang Mai. In this case, not hard to guess with an owner that loves gaming.

Great piece of nostalgia!  The Nintendo 64 was the successor to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, it was released on June 23, 1996, in Japan.

If you expect a massive day of gaming, you will probably be disappointed, but for a quick stop for a bite, Kuppu Gamu Cafe and Gaming Space is just lovely.

The Google location for Kuppu Gamu cafe is here.

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