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New space cafe in Chiang Mai

Pluto coffee. Do we need yet another space-themed coffee shop in Chiang Mai? We already have Mars. cnx. Apparently, when we visited, many people were circling this modern and minimalistic coffee shop that had just opened on April 13th. I have to admit the building is fantastic. It is supposed to be a spaceship! Moreover, there is an impressive menu, and Pluto serves coffee from Akha Ama.

In my opinion though there is this initial hype to take photos, it is another Instagram hotspot.

Inside Pluto cafe cm.
Cool interior
Iced latte in Pluto.
Ice latte
Pluto coffee shop
Before you enter the spaceship.
Juice in Pluto
Famous Pluto juice
Nice menu
Drink menu Pluto
The bar in Pluto.
Apple custard pie is waiting to be served.

The coffee and tea taste good. They are proud of their signature cold-pressed juice without added sugar or water. Like they say, “you’re getting the most juice for your squeeze”.

But after you have had your drinks and taken your photos, it doesn’t feel like it is a place you hang around for long. In my view a one-timer. The location out in Rim Chok makes it even more so. Been there, done that. You could combine a visit here with a massive western lunch at Dukes nearby.

Anyhow, it is worth a visit. Maybe wait for the hype to settle a bit. Then it will be far more enjoyable. Currently, there are people everywhere waiting for seats.

I am more curious about the bakery next door. Same owners as Pluto? I’m not sure. It looks like it is soon about to open. Or has it already closed?

The location of Pluto Cafe on Google maps is here.

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