Jerns — an unexpected, incredible burger restaurant in Chiang Dao

Jerns burgers allege to be the best burger place in Chiang Dao. I don’t know, but it was surely unexpected that it would be so great.

It is nicely retro-decorated as a 1960s living room and has a very extensive menu. Moreover, it is not expensive.

The impression is that some real American food lovers are running the place. And I sincerely hope Jerns restaurant can survive.

In an a previous blog post, we mentioned how sensational it is that there is a seafood King Crab restaurant here in the mountains, The Alaska King Crab.

Seafood in the mountains

Jerns is actually located very near to this King Crab Alaska eatery. We figured that it would give them access to the same great seafood. And it was true. My wife ordered Kii Mao spaghetti seafood. It was a stunner for 138 baht. The avocado salad was just 99 baht, and my beef burger was 148 baht.

Jerns location

The locality just by the PTT station and people driving through Chiang Dao on a Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai road trip gives the restaurant the possibility to survive, I hope.

You find the location here on Google maps.

Delicious avocado salad
The drunken guys spaghetti, spicy!
Beef burger with homemade fries
Burger menu
The interior
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