The new food stall area near Ratchapreuk

There is a new food stall area near Ratchapreuk. Ratchapreuk is the Flora Expo area in Chiang Mai.

I have been out of town for a while, when I left I was wondering what purpose all these white lottery- stands would fill. But, yes I guessed it was related to food.

It turned out really well also. It is as if we got our own More Space market here in Hang Dong.

Nice setup, quality foods, a special drink truck where you can get your beers and a reliable coffee place.

The name of the place I haven’t figured out, but each white shop has its name. There is a variety of pizza, burgers(from Two Tree), Isarn fare, Korean, Japanese and more.

White low standing tables on gravel, decent parking space.Umbrella cover if it rains. Yes, we are regulars already!

It will be even nicer around Christmas time with cold Chiang Mai evenings.

Google screenshot
Google map screenshot of the Ratchapreuk food stall area.

Oh yes, don’t miss the coconut ice-cream stand that hides a bit further away from Pai pizza!! For 69 baht you get some of the best local ice- cream in Thailand.

The other day I realized that there is a pork-basil stand at the back as well.

This is a place that opens in the evening. Don’t bother to arrive before 5.30.

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