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Phuket Town is mentally a world away from the beach life on Thailands most renowned and largest island. It should really be part of anyone’s visit to the island. Explore its heritage and exciting food scene.

Night market with South style curries Surat Thani

On your way to Koh Samui? Or just fancy staying in a really charming southern town for some authentic South curries and local life. Give Surat Thani 24 hours of your journey.

Dim Sum city of Thailand,Takua Pa

Welcome to Dim Sum heaven. The small old mining town of Takua Pu is a gastronomic paradise. Don’t miss the dim sum brunches.

At Sri Pak Pra Boutique resort the night was short. The food in the evening before was delicious, and the beers plentiful. I and my Thai friend enjoyed Thai country music played in the restaurant, and the fresh cool breeze kept the tropical heat away. No matter how short the night might have been, if you don’t wake up to the morning call you will deeply regret it. That was already clear… Read More

The great city between two seas Deriving from the word Singora in Pattani Malay( lion city) this town has a touch of Georgetown, the potential of Hoi An, similarities to Phuket old town, but also a distinctive own character. In my opinion the most charming city of all the towns in the South. The historical old town with Sino – Portuguese shophouse heritage is located by the largest lake of Thailand –… Read More