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In San Patong outside Chiang Mai you can see one of the most impressive private collections of dolls in the world.

Chiang Mai is a hot-spot for dim sum lunches and the Sichuan ma – la trend continues. Still eating Chinese is a bit exclusive in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Dao is the perfect short break from Chiang Mai or the starting point of a road trip over the mountains to Chiang Rai. Nothing much happens here, but it is a scenic spot to relax for a night or two with stunning views of the 2186 meter high Doi Luang Chiang Dao. The mountain itself is located 40 km south of the Myanmar border, and famous for overnight treks and bird… Read More

The great city between two seas Deriving from the word Singora in Pattani Malay( lion city) this town has a touch of Georgetown, the potential of Hoi An, similarities to Phuket old town, but also a distinctive own character. In my opinion the most charming city of all the towns in the South. The historical old town with Sino – Portuguese shophouse heritage is located by the largest lake of Thailand –… Read More