The best Chinese food in Chiang Mai

In Sweden, we have a saying:” Taste is like your bum, divided”. That we all have different tastes and opinions. So I am not claiming that the recommendations here are necessarily the best Chinese food in Chiang Mai. But these are some of the restaurants where I previously had a good experience.

More and more Chinese people are moving to Chiang Mai, so the chances are that the food scene will keep improving when it comes to authentic Chinese cuisine. Especially during the Covid pandemic, I have had a lot of cravings for Chinese food since the possibility for me to travel and work in China is non-existent for the moment.

Some Ideas for the best Chinese food in Chiang Mai

Why not start at:


Tolou, the name comes from the round fortress homes famous from Fujian and the Disney movie Mulan. Inside these huge restaurants, you suddenly teleport to China. Many floors, function halls, VIP rooms, large round tables and a fair selection of Chinese dishes available. Look out for their Peking duck and dim sum promotions. The Peking duck promotion came at 599 baht. There wasn’t a lot of duck for the buck but they allowed you to pick one dish for cooking the meat of the duck. We went for black peppar duck which was nice.

For Sunday lunches you get a nice local Hong Kong crowd in Tulou and there are so many parties arranged here for Chinese people in Chiang Mai. Tulou is a very authentic Chinese restaurant indeed.

At Tulou you can have some of the best Chinese food in Chiang Mai.
Tulou entrance.
The best Chinese food in Chiang Mai with entertainment.
Entertainment on stage, Teresa Deng covers guaranteed.

The China Kitchen at Shangri – La

Shangri – La hotel. The China Kitchen is an upmarket and famous Chinese restaurant. They offer Dim Sum festivals, good Sichuan and Hunan food, as well as regular Cantonese food. Currently, there is a Sichuan Hot Pot promotion. The nice aspect here is the many sauces you can choose from and mix yourself. The starting price is 398 baht++, but that combo is not very interesting. We ordered a combo for 498 baht (including shrimp)and added different food; beef, potatoes, lotus root and pork belly from the menu.

There is also the buffet option that allows you to order from a menu with specific choices and eat as much as you want for 2 hours. We ended up paying a bit under 1500 baht, but we were full. The buffet option is good if you’re going to stuff yourself but unnecessary. I would instead recommend adding exactly what you want to eat to a basic combo.

When this is written, the restaurants at the hotel are open from Friday to Sunday from 5.30 to 9 pm. Make a reservation on Facebook messenger and pre-order some of Shangri – las croissants simultaneously. Have some exciting flavours like egg yolk Italian sausage. But also for the sweet tooth, rainbow, Nutella, red velvet, lemon meringues, and white raspberry!!

Shangri-la is famous and rewarded n Michelin for having some of the best Chinese food in Chiang Mai.
Hot Pot Shangri-La style
China Kitchen, Michelin 2020
Empty tables in Shangri-La's Chinese restaurant.
Empty tables during pandemic

Hoi Tian Lao Chinese food

Hoi Tian Lao, this restaurant is opposite the great entertainment centre of Good View Village in Mae Hia. It caters mainly to Thai – Chinese regulars, making it crowded at times. They have some Cantonese themed food. I like their black pepper beef, fried rice with crab and the jellyfish salad.

They also make a nice version of Tom yam Kung, slightly less spicy but very favourable. The restaurant itself is very modest. But hey, it is all about the food

Local edition of some of the best Chinese food in Chiang Mai at Hoi Tian Lao restaurant.
No secret kitchen
Beef with union Canton edition..
Mandarin Palace, newcomer. Just opened.

Mandarin Palace

Mandarin Palace was grand. The location is at Kad Farang Village, though. I wonder if they can survive there? Unconfirmed sources say it is the former chef at Oriental Dharathevi that cooks or runs the place. This restaurant has an overwhelming menu considering its location, and it confirms that it resembles the old ways at Oriental Dhara Devi.

Entrance to Haidilao Central Festival Chiang Mai.
Sichuan Hot Pot in Central Festival

Haidilao, best Chinese hot pot (two branches in Chiang Mai)

Haidilao Sichuan hotpot has opened on the 4th floor in Maya lifestyle mall and Central Festival. This classic and exclusive hotpot was previously only available at Central World in Bangkok. (If in Thailand). So, now we have two branches with it. I think it is an excellent option for special and festive occasions.

At Haidilao, you can choose up to four soups. MaLa is an obvious choice, and so many options of did sauces. Then there is all the fun. Here you experience Sichuan Opera mask changing and noodle show. With the hot pot, there is a free flow of ice tea typically, and in the small lounge, Haidilao’s offers ice cream, slush, coffee, tea complimentary. In Chiang Mai, we tried it at Central Festival on Christmas Evening. The service was impeccable. Booking in advance is recommended.

Not to forget Yiangzi Jiang Michelin restaurant, Duck, Dim sum and Cantonese cooking. Nice setting in a private house in trendy Nimmanhemin road. Very mixed reviews indeed. But they have been around for a while, so not surprising that people have different opinions. Haven’t been there myself for a few years but at that time no real complaints.

A Last option would be the Qin Kitchen. On my bucket list still though. On the map below you will find a selection of Chinese Food in Chiang Mai.

Decoration in China Kitchen
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