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Phra Buddha Chinnarat in Wat Yai

Phitsanulok is a typical Thai town with a good food scene, and a nice setting by the Nan river. Here you find Wat Yai and the graceful statue of Phra Buddha Chinnarat. The victorious Buddha.

We are in Wat Sra Sri in the Sukhothai Historical Park and my local guide Kung points to the water in the lake. Pretty waterlilies are showing off their grace everywhere. So here is where Nang Noppamas the consort of the King of Sukhothai, made the first decorated Krathong. She wanted to impress the king and made the Krathong from banana leaves which she moulded into the shape of a lotus flower… Read More

TAT just announced that more provinces will be open for travel from 1st of October 2021.

After the somewhat tough day considering the weather conditions when I was visiting Freedom Beach and The Big Buddha, I was luckier with the weather when heading south on the west coast today towards Nai Harn Beach. On the way, I passed through Karon and Kata beaches that unfortunately seems quite depressing in these pandemic times. So it felt good to come up to the Karon viewpoint. Astonishing panoramic views and a… Read More

Hua Hin beach

Hua Hin is sometime referred to as the gate to the South. Thailands oldest resort town has been an escape from Bangkoks buzz since the 1920s. Easy within reach from Bangkok on a short flight from Chiang Mai nowadays Hua Hin has some great restaurants, fantastic golf, good waterparks and it’s by the sea.

The old capital of the Lanna Kingdom – Chiang Rai has more to offer than many people expect. Once a base for hiking and exploring the most Northern part of Thailand. Now, it has some remarkable attractions. A good place to start is to follow the art route and see some of the country’s most spectacular temples. Read more about the colourful temples of Chiang Rai.

One of the best things about Chiang Mai is that you are never far from nature. Last weekend I went with the kids for a glamping experience by the Wang River in the Panghai area. The Doi Saket district hasn’t really been on my radar much. But after this weekend all that changed.

Once a year the city of Yasothon is put on the map for its famous rocket festival. Once the bamboo rockets were made by monks. Now there is a competition in the area for the best and strongest rockets. This event is going on in the countryside as well. The point is to get generous amounts of water for the rice season.