Koh Klang the Wonder Island in Krabi

The island of Koh Klang and the resort of Islanda Hideaway

Koh Klang and the resort of Islanda Hideaway.

Imagine being just 30 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Ao Nang on an island without cars, enjoying the local lifestyle of the community of this island paused in time. People earn their livelihood from farming and fishing. It is not your typical tropical paradise island in the sea. Koh Klang translates as a middle island, and it is a 26km2 island where the Krabi river meets the sea. Mangroves surround it, and it is mainly a Muslim island. So, travel to Ao Nang but fall in love with an island in Krabi.

Islanda Hideaway
The pool and Islanda Resort
Mangroves Koh Klang and Krabi river
Mangroves Krabi river
Fishing Koh Klang
Local life Koh Klang

So no alcohol here except for the Island Resort. The island itself is worth a half-day tour. You can learn how to grow organic “golden” rice in salty water, enjoy batik making and hear the background about long-tail boats, so prevalent in Southern Thailand, at a boat makers house.

Tuk Tuk Koh Klang
Around the island tour
Harvest golden rice Koh Klang
Harvesting rice
The boat master Koh Khlang
How to light a fire in the old days

If you take the local “ferry” from Krabi town to the island, you can hire a tuk-tuk for around 300 baht to make this trip around the island. In the end, you can finish off and eat at a fish farm restaurant with some of the best seafood in Southern Thailand. The restaurant is called Kanabnam View Seafood.

Website here.

Location on Google maps here.

Seafood on Koh Klang
With some lime and spicy dip. Wow!

Where to stay on Koh Klang?

I would highly recommend staying overnight at the Boutique Islanda Hideaway Resort. We were there just before New Year 2020. I would love to brag that we were the only guests, but instead, I feel sad. This place deserves adequately, and the impact of Covid -19 could be felt here. Travelling during the pandemic in a “safe” country like Thailand make you realise after a while that the whole social part of tourism is missing.

Deserted resorts, unemployed or partly unemployed people it is not enjoyable to see. But having said that. The experience and the welcome of the staffs of Islanda were above expectations. They have an incredible, infinitive pool with epic 180 degree views of famous islands in the Andaman, such as Chicken island.

Bedroom Islanda Resort
My hat, Koh Klang
Map of Koh Klang
Location of the resort
Scenery Koh Klang
More sea views from the island.
Sunset Koh Klang
Enjoying the view from the pool

The sunset was really something. And the dinner offered in the package was well worth the money.

Good night Koh Klang.
Stunning views
By the pool

A walk by the sea in the morning was enriching and different from any usual beach walk. This is not a resort for swimming in the ocean. Muddy and a vast difference in the tide during the day. But as I said, charming views.

If you book directly with the resort, they will arrange a transfer from Krabi marina now by boat.

The marina

Otherwise, you go from Krabi town to the Koh Klang pier.

Tuk Tuk transfer

I hope that the island of Koh Klang can benefit from tourism again soon!

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